Courage is not the opposite of fear – it is the defiance of fear. Looking fear in the eye, we gird up our loins and act anyway.

However, to be courageous doesn’t mean to be reckless.

Recklessness is thoughtless.

Courage is thoughtful.

When we are reckless we don’t recognise – or acknowledge – the dangers, therefore it requires no courage to act recklessly.

Courage is what’s needed when you know what you stand to lose and act anyway.  We admire courage in others and, if we want to feel good about ourselves, acting courageously will generally help with that.

It’s easy to say we should have courage – we’d all like to think of ourselves as courageous – but if it was that easy to have we’d all be brave all the time.

Still, we can but try…

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.  John Wayne


9 comments on “Courage

  1. Oh Trish – I think I’ll have to compile an anthology of all these posts and include them with my parenting course in parents ever wondered why they should give care and attention to developing virtues and good qualities in their children, instead of just leaving it to chance. Thank you so much for all of these ‘thoughts for the day’ which are inspiring my heart and exciting my intellect! xxx

  2. tlryder says:

    Very lovely, and I love the John Wayne quote. 🙂

  3. nrhatch says:

    Love it! And the graphic you chose . . . the Cowardly Lion.

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  6. lovely post. thank u. i need courage! 🙂

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