So? What Exactly Do You Admire?

The word ‘admire’ comes from the Latin word admirari – meaning to wonder or marvel at something.  It means to look at, or consider someone – or something – with pleasure and wonderment and approval.

So.  Having established that – what do you admire in other people?

At first glance you might think you admire someone who is beautiful.  But do you, really?  Are the feelings you have for physical beauty something that inspire you with absolute wonderment?  Gazing on someone (or something) beautiful can give pleasure but for most of us it is fleeting and short-lived – like beauty itself.

Perhaps wealth seems admirable?  But is your admiration for the wealth itself or is it for the hard-work or ingenuity or self-discipline that was involved in acquiring that wealth?

There are lots of human traits that we all admire – honesty, perseverance, kindness, physical bravery, moral courage, fairness – all admirable.  But what are the traits you wish you had?

Do you know which human traits take your breath away when you see them?

Which ones fill you with that sense of electric wonder that makes you say – “I so admire how brave/kind/fair/open/selfless…that person is.”

If you want to become someone you can admire, you first have to work out what that might be.

So.  What do you admire?