More Recommended Reading

vixytwix at stayoutofmyhead  –  has very kindly nominated me for a 7×7 Link Award.  Here’s a very good recent post of hers that you might enjoy – Stay Out Of My Head – You’re Not Making Me Go to Summer School 

I am honoured vixytwix – thank you very much and I gratefully accept.

As I have said before, I think these awards are a good idea in that they are a source of encouragement – the thing about encouragement is that too much of it is never a problem and some – at the right moment – can be a life saver.  Apart from the encouragement aspect, these awards give us an opportunity to recommend other blogs, which in turn can make connections between people who might otherwise never have bumped into each other.

So – here we go…

These are the rules for the 7 x 7 Link Award.

1.  Share something about me that no one knows –

If nobody knows it then even I don’t, so can’t comply – sorry!

2.  Link 7 of my posts that I think are worthy –

OK – I’ve changed this part – instead of recommending my own posts I am going to combine rules  2 & 3 and put a link to a post I read recently that I particularly liked on the blogs of the people I nominate –

3.  Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and notify them –

OK – here I was spoiled for choice and I’m not just saying it – I could really and truly have doubled the number.  So, for this,  I chose the bloggers on the basis of reasonably recent posts that took my attention.  I have read lots and lots of other great posts by these people and others – here are just 8 (OK – I tweaked the rules there too) –

Love is the Answer – Gratitude and the Dance

Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror – What is Enough

Susserative Aspirations – No Pen No Paper

WorryWarts Guide to Weight Sex and Marriage – Eating My Words

The Heartbreak of Invention – The Lonely Heart’s Rebuttal (without exit music) 

30 Years of Growing Pains – What My Mother Said Next

This Pedestrian Life – Closer or Further 

Creative Conflict Wisdom – The Prisoner is Heir to the Child

I know the numbers are all wrong but notwithstanding that I hope you enjoy reading these posts – and blogs – as much as I have.