This is How We’re All Connected

We all know that we are connected to our loved ones.

Many of us can tell stranger-than-fiction stories about incidents in our lives when we have ‘known’ something and we cannot explain quite how we do know it.

Perhaps our experience of these connections becomes conscious when we are also conscious of how we feel about another person?

But conscious or otherwise.

Known or ignored.

For better or worse.

We are all connected to everyone else on the planet – even when we don’t know them or love them or think about them.

This is just a material fact.

It doesn’t need to be taken on faith alone because this is how it works…

Thanks to Michaela at The Living Room for finding that wonderful clip –

The entire programme from which this clip is taken is well worth watching – here is the link to Part I, in case you are interested (the other parts are also on YouTube)