Not Just a Material Girl Part (2)

All health is in balance.

In neuroscience there are now a number of theories (e.g. the somatic marker hypothesis – SMH – to name just one) which suggest that our faculties of reason are just as impaired by lack of emotion as by an excess of emotion. Frequently, people who suffer damage to the ’emotion centres’ of the brain – while maintaining highly functional reasoning abilities – make very poor rational decisions. The theory is that the lack of ‘feed’ from the emotions (as it’s the only thing that has changed) is responsible for this poor decision making. So, it seems, that in order to make decisions based on logic and reason it is necessary to include input from processes which would which would appear to be the direct opposite of this process – namely feelings. (1)

The principle is clear in this study – even at an individual level we are systems of oneness, cohesive units in which every part and process has a contribution to make to the whole. Whenever this is not possible, an imbalance is necessarily created.

In other words, the question is not if the functioning of the whole will be affected by leaving out one of our faculties but rather how it will be affected.

Excluding any of our faculties, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual has exactly the same type of outcome. Relative to the circumstances, some parts will present more obviously than others but all need to be in good running order if we are to achieve optimum efficiency in any of our systems.  It isn’t a good idea to be run by any one of our ‘dimensions’ – not even our much prized Western intellectualism – coherence between all of our dimensions will always bring the best results. In other words, we need coherence between all of our systems to be effective in any one area of our functioning.

All health is in balance and coherence.  Inside as well as out…