‘Wooden’ It Be Nice?

This is much more interesting than it might appear on the surface.  I think you’ll find it has hidden layers (I just couldn’t resist the pun).

OK – I know it doesn’t look as if it’ll be interesting and I know you might hate it but go on – give it a couple of minutes and see if you like it.  Apart from anything else it shows how something so ordinary can be seen as extraordinary through the right eyes.

And I have a question – if plywood is stronger than the wood from which it is made, then is there an amazing analogy in there somewhere?  An analogy that suggests taking raw materials, re-shaping them, joining them together in such a way that their individual ‘grain’ is used to increase the strength of the finished product and then modeling them for purpose in order to create something better?

Cheesy analogy I know – but hard to avoid (like the pun).  Hope you enjoy this movie…

13 comments on “‘Wooden’ It Be Nice?

  1. An analogy using the laminating of opposing layers to strengthen the end product?

    How about politics? Does not the ‘layering’ of opposing interests create a more durable end result than ‘thickening’ a single point of view?

    And wouldn’t the same be true of religion? If you were to construct the hull of a ship from layers of opposing beliefs, would not the ship support and transport its ‘freight’ more reliably–and be less likely to split apart in stormy weather–than if it were built from individually shaped planks that require constant ‘re-caulking’ to keep them together, and water from rushing through the gaps between)?

    Of course plywood requires a very strong glue and a considerable amount of pressure to achieve its extraordinary strength. Thus a lot of energy is required to produce an end result that substantially and reliably exceeds the sum of its parts. And it is that ‘production’ process that seems most often to defy what might be gained in (most) other potentially analogous applications. 😉

    • William – this is seriously good punning and you have more than done justice to my tentative forays into the world of ply-wood puns. I knew it was an analogy that had legs – you did a masterful job and I will forever more have a complete and developed set of analogies for the co-operation, coherence, unity, energy, sacrifice and work it takes to produce a piece of wood – or a group of people – that is strong, pliable and useful! I have only one question – can plywood be cut into these useful shapes with a reciprocating saw…

      • I think you’ll generally have better results using a narrow-bladed band saw…largely because a steady downbeat is generally more endurable than the ripping up and down of a see-saw. 😉

  2. patricemj says:

    Loved this. Plywood makes me feel close to my roots.

  3. ansuyo says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. granbee says:

    Share this on my FB timeline because I have long considered plywood a wonderful metaphor for people of goodwill to build strength and support through joining in common causes.

  5. Worrywart says:

    I always learn something here.

  6. Like the weaving of cloth.. in and over .. We are a bit like that.. Like Threads.. easily breakable and vulnerable when on our own.. But when we are united together we are Strong.. Wishing you a great weekend.. Dreamwalker xx

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