Go Raibh Míle Maith Agat

Go raibh míle maith agat is Irish for Many Thanks. In fact it literally means “may you have a thousand good (things)” and today I am offering this gratitude to Amy at Radical Amazement who has very kindly offered me the Liebster Blog Award.

Amy’s is a quite wonderful blog, full of what she herself calls Miscellaneous Musings.  As I only found it recently, I haven’t had a chance to read it all but I’ve loved all I did read – so go on – have a look – I think you’ll like it.

I don’t know anything about blogging really (or much else probably) so I hope I do this correctly!

The Liebster Award appears to be somewhat mysterious (or at least mysterious insofar as Google and I cannot find its provenance) but it also appears to exist as a means of encouragement.

It’s intention seems to be to create more and more and more connections between people – which is a wonderful – and wondrous – thing.  Acceptance of the award requires that the recipient pass it on to five other bloggers and, cliched as this is as a statement, it is truly very hard to choose just five blogs.

So, I decided to use Amy’s guidelines –

I purposely chose blogs that have not (to my knowledge) received a recognition of this sort. To the best of my knowledge, these blogs have fewer than 200 followers, but that bit of information was not always evident.  Remembering that liebster can mean favorite, these are blogs that I look forward to reading when a notice from them appears in my inbox.

Read her entire post here – Sharing the Liebe

So –

Here are the guidelines associated with the Liebster Award:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.  

Thank you, Amy – how kind you are, I am honoured and actually encouraged by your kindness, which means the award is having the desired effect, I suppose.  I’d highly recommend that everybody read Amy’s blog – Radical Amazement – you won’t be disappointed.

2. Pass the award along to five other bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

OK – I will do this – promise.

3. Post the award on your blog.

OK – I will also do this.

Alright now for the really hard part – these are the blogs to whom I’d like to offer the Liebster Award.  Each one is different but each one is well worth a good look as each has a lot to contribute to the well-being of humanity.  (The descriptions are in their own words, by the way)

Creativeconflictwisdom’s Blog

This site is an attempt to help you creatively re-frame how you handle conflict hopefully to get better results and improve the relations with those you regularly have conflict with…This blog is dedicated to helping you in that process, as well as throwing light on all aspects of the world’s conflicts current and historical.

Mirth and Motivation

This is a positive kismet, motivational blog offering tips, advice, interviews, social media, ruminations as well as creative, spiritual, inspirational insights on people, places, and the events that shape our lives. My wish is that this site will welcome, inform, and encourage you to connect and contribute to the ever growing online community and conversations.

Along the way, I became convinced that it was possible with the right approach, to not only determine how it is that we attain consciousness, but also to formulate ideas that might lead to a greater understanding of the true nature of our experiential awareness. 

Parenting the Soul

The overall aim of the blog is to examine parenting and child rearing  from a spiritual perspective, in a practical way.  But this is not a definitve study by any means, and I would welcome dialogue, comments and contributions from others.

Beth Parker’s Art Blog

In this blog, I post a daily “positive thought” from my huge collection of quotes, five days a week.  Sometimes it just takes one nice thought to completely change the course of your day.  Subscribe, and you’ll see what I mean.

I realise that I have nominated 5 blogs, I also realise that this next blog probably exceeds the 200 followers stipulation but I had a long, hard think and I have decided to create my own sub-category –
The Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award.
I am creating that new category so I can acknowledge Nancy at – Spirit Lights The Way.  Nancy is a force of positive reciprocity all on her own.  Her blog is both entertaining and informative and well worth a read and Nancy herself is encouraging, engaged and engaging. She has been endlessly helpful and encouraging to me and I would like to publicly thank her. Thanks, Nancy – I really do appreciate it.
So that’s it – enjoy reading these blogs – I do.
Thanks again to Amy.
And to all of everyone – Sláinte agus saol agaibh*
*(Health and life to all of you)